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Here are a few of our favorite Canadian Rock songs and bands that have inflenced all Canadian Rock. Party CANADA be loud be proud Put those metal horns in the air and scream as loud as you can ROCK AND ROLL CANADA Have a Rockin Canada Day \m/ I like to Rock Glen Rockin […]

Rock Purse with Girl

Rock and Roll CANADA if you would like to win the purse for our show at The Bovine Sex Club on July 11 you will need to submit a video here. It is very simple courtesy of Vidrack. Hit RECORD and tell us why you would like to be the Lucky winner. You must attend […]

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Last Month Hollywood Sins totally rocks us. This month a band that the Sinners actually turned us on to is going to make you happy. This band is so much fun. You Rock Drunk Lips The Interview “I wanna Go’ Danger Zone

Princess of Sound

Rock and Roll Canada. Hope it’s a sweet Easter and get lots of Bunny \m/ This was last Friday at Toronto Rockpile Be sure to check out Tether they totally Rock and play many of the Toronto Clubs. Very hard working band with lots of Class Baby. Please Support our Friends at Princess of Sound […]

We finally caught up with AMMO !