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SECOND PASS Live Cherry Cola's from Glen Smith on Vimeo.

Socia Strife Live at Lee's Palace in Toronto

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Rock Lives Canada

Rock and Roll is alive. We are a small team at Rock and Roll Canada but every weekend we hit the streets of Toronto to promote local live bands. We do it because it is in our hearts. Gene Simmons seems to think Rock is dead. Gene probably never walked the streets of Queen Street […]

Rock and Roll Over

By far the best KISS tribute band is Rock and Roll Over from Toronto. Tonight you can check them out at The Toronto Rockpile East in Scarborough. They put a great deal of effort into there stage show and you will not be disappointed when you see there show this evening. Live classics like, Cold […]

Whats New In Politics & Activism


WUZ  up with WEED Canada ? I am not really great with superlatives but what the fuck is going on with weed these daze ? CANADA. The Canadian Government, “the law of this land “has come out with there new version of weed politics. Lets call this PoTSys 106 for shits and giggles. There is […]

The new iOS7 has arrived boys and girls. Apple launched at about this time yesterday to be  specific. It will defiantly be the buzz around town this coming weekend. There are already reports of server issues in the UK. How odd, I am just about to configure a new website on Uk servers today. A […]

We finally caught up with AMMO !